Three Female Binance Award Nominees Get Blocked From Instagram

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As per the latest report, three female Binance award nominees were banned from using the internet. The news gained the limelight when one of the female nominees, Rachel Siegel, revealed the news on public platforms.

What’s the matter?

Three female Binace award nominees, including Rachel Siegel, claimed that they were barred from using Instagram after they made stern criticism about the lack of representation of women in the Blockchain industry. The other two women who were banned from using Instagram include TechWithCatalina and GirlGoneCrypto.

Rachel Siegel has been pretty vocal about the underrepresentation of women in the blockchain industry. She alleged that she and two other women from the industry were de-platformed after they made the criticism. Rachel Siegel has been pretty vocal about the subject, and as per reports, she said that there is a large scale under-representation of women in the Blockchain world, and it is evident from the fact that she is the only woman who has been nominated out of 25 people for Binance Award.

About Binance awards

The Binance award is an award provided by the cryptocurrency agency called Binance. The company supports trading of different cryptocurrencies on its platform. They come up with the Binance award to encourage and appreciate influencers in the field of bitcoins and cryptocurrency.

Why the buzz?

Rachel Siegel, in an online interview, commented that she is a feminist, and she believes in equal opportunity for women in the crypto world. She also said that she has been vocal about the issue for too long, and she can see the gender disparity all around her. Rachel Siegel said that people in the cryptocurrency world don’t pay much attention to the feminist values, and if anyone talks about it, they are shut.

Many reports say that people who did not agree with the views of Rachel and the other two women might have reported Instagram about the issue. The Instagram accounts are not blocked until a large population or group of people do not complain or report about the violation. Thus, there is a possibility of the involvement of different dominant people from the Bitcoin world in blockage of Rachel and two other women bitcoin influencers.

How are the nominees for the Binance award chosen?

The Binance award nominees are chosen by the individuals as well as the Binance community. The award representation includes a 60% vote from the individuals and 40% vote from the Finance team. Till this blog was written, we received no information or comments from the Binance team.

Rachel and the other two women often collaborate on different platforms to provide information and insights about the Cryptocurrency world to audiences around the world.

The step taken by Instagram to block Rachel can be seen as a ban on the rights of women.

We can’t wait to look at the next step taken by the Crypto world. While people all over the world are investing in Cryptocurrencies, it is important to have a representation of men as well as women.

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