Peer-to-peer Crypto Exchange Holds A Torch For Africa Through Online Events

To make the clients and companies from Africa knowledgeable about Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange is organizing six different online sessions. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, let’s go through more stuff regarding the matter.

The global pandemic caused by the deadly Coronavirus has actually turned out to be one of the biggest curbs to help any sort of meeting or conference related to crypto departments. However, online sessions are being a little assisting at a time like this. There is one firm that is adamant in carrying out providing education to the businesses and clients regarding the potentials of Bitcoin.


The firm mentioned here is called Paxful which is initiating a bunch of online sessions, 6 to be very specific, that majorly focus on the African clients and businesses. Each online session would be held for one hour and it would proffer a spellbinding insight into the world of cryptocurrencies, mainly to the ones who have very little knowledge regarding this realm.

Besides that, there are various companies well known in the continent that is also taking a major part in this event series.

Details on Each Online Session

The first event would consist of an “Ask Me Anything” session where Artur Schaback and Ray Youssef, the two Paxfl co-founders, would be present. The second event would provide a bunch of significant points regarding the cryptocurrency realm along with the plus points it holds in the economy of Africa.

The next one aims at how Bitcoin is capable of delivering a new income source for the younger generation.

The third session would be shining light on the way other cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin are able to return to communities. Other seminars are also about to take place in the same month.

On the 11th of June, a discussion panel held by Paxful itself in order to talk about the hurdles of accomplishing “Know Your Customer” checks in Africa along with what the highlighting brands do for overcoming them in the realm of cryptocurrency.

The session of the 16th of June was important for the ones to know very little regarding crypto and this session was titled as the “Back to Basics”. The last session held till now on June 18 taught about the top crypto influencers.

An Eye Opener

All the 6 sessions were free of charge and it raised a very high awareness in the mindset of the African clients including many African industries. Nothing is better than this.

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