Akon Plans to Launch Blockchain Hub in Kenya

Akon, a world-renowned artist, who has been famously supporting blockchain technology for long, has decided to set up a blockchain hub in Kenya. Referred to as “Kenyan Opportunity Hub,” it is primarily meant to help the Kenyans understand blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology through education while opening employment opportunities. It is a joint venture between Akon’s own blockchain startup Akoin and Effect.AI, powered by EOSIO. The African blockchain hub is slated for launch in the fourth quarter of 2020 and is first of its kind technology hub in Africa. The entire project would be reportedly handled by the philanthropic wing of Akon, the Akon Foundation.

The Kenyan Opportunity Hub would be among the first of many such opportunity hubs that Akon-Effect.AI is planning to launch in the near future. These hubs would provide people with education related to blockchain and artificial intelligence as well as provide self-employment opportunities that would be paid for in cryptocurrencies on the Effect.AI’s own blockchain platform. The announcement made by the respective firms in the joint venture indicated that the hub would be situated near the project run by KE International, a United States engineering firm, around Mwale Medical and Technology City. The chosen location is important as it can open up many job opportunities for the students at the hub, including medical record translation powered by AI tech. The hub is expected to be completed within the next couple of years.

Effect.AI is already running such an opportunity hub that it started in Rustavi, Georgia. The experience of running such an operation would help the Kenyan Opportunity Hub greatly. The opportunity hub in Georgia was launched in 2019 in collaboration with United Nations Development Program. It is aimed at promoting tech knowledge among the masses, especially the youth, and generates skill-based job opportunities. Effect.AI is primarily a decentralized AI network that has its headquarters in the Netherlands and runs on EOS blockchain.

The news of opening up Kenyan Opportunity Hub coincides with Akon being awarded $6 billion contracts from the Kenyan government to build a cryptocurrency centered city in Senegal. The city is aimed to be completely cryptocurrency oriented, featuring Akon’s Akoin cryptocurrency. The plans of Akon, pushing towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Africa are aimed at bringing a crypto-revolution in the continent. Akon is also planning to launch his own cryptocurrency that can be used in lieu of mobile phone credits, which are commonly used in the form of currency in Africa.

The cryptocurrency based token of Akon, Akoin would be launched on the Stellar blockchain platform. It is aimed at helping startups, and entrepreneurs get the tool they need to engage with other developing nations in Africa and beyond. The Stellar’s website remarked that Akon is not only a renowned singer and musician but also a change-maker and innovator, who want to empower Africa with modern and innovative technologies for a brighter future. One of his other ambitious projects includes building Akon City in Africa, which would be cryptocurrency-powered as well.

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