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Has Trevor Noah Ever Invested In Bitcoin?

Trevor Noah is one of the most popular public figures in South Africa. He recently moved to the United States and is currently hosting a popular TV show named “Daily Show.” It has helped him gain international fame, not to mention tremendous success in showbiz as a comedian and a celebrity. However, recently he became the talk of the town not for his achievements as a comedian or a host of a highly acclaimed TV show, but because of his riches, which he supposedly made from Bitcoin Revolution System.

It appears that the South Africans are looking for the Bitcoin trading system that has helped Trevor Noah earn his millions from crypto trading. If the sound of this is tempting you to invest in this so-called revolutionary Bitcoin trading program, the first question you need to ask is whether it is legitimate or yet another scam. In this context, one should not forget that there have been many cryptocurrency-related scams happening all over the internet to dupe interested and enthusiastic first-time crypto investors and traders. It won’t be wrong to first investigate whether Trevor Noah becoming a millionaire through Bitcoin trading is just a rumor or if there is some truth in it.

If all this talk about Trevor Noah and his millions that he made through Bitcoin trading have got you excited, then we’re sorry. Why you may ask? It is because Trevor Noah has neither made his millions through Bitcoin trading, nor has he ever participated in any trading system called Bitcoin Revolution Program. It is a big scam that has been going on for quite some time in South Africa, and the country’s citizens should stay away from it by all means to safeguard their money and interests.

Now, if you’re worried about Trevor Noah, rest assured he is doing just fine. Over the years, the wealth he has made has nothing to do with Bitcoins or the Bitcoin Revolutionary Program. He has been a popular comedian for a long time in South Africa and is well-loved and respected all over the globe. In fact, it is quite possible that he hasn’t even heard about this scam that is going on by the name of the Bitcoin Revolution, which has entangled his name in the controversy as well.

Every scam needs a touch of legitimacy and fame to get going and to throttle its system, at least initially. It is for this reason, whoever ran the Bitcoin Revolution Program took the help of misleading advertisements and promotions under the name of Trevor Noah. The popularity of Trevor Noah and his following is the only reason why his name was used. When a celebrity gets associated with any financial, business, or marketing activities, it helps drive the aspirations of the masses. When the word gets out that Trevor Noah has made his millions through the Bitcoin Revolutionary Program, it was quite natural for the people to follow and invest without thinking twice.

It is a thumb rule to follow when it comes to investments or any kind of transactions involving money to do the due diligence first. Always research where you are putting your money, no matter what you hear or read elsewhere. Not everything you read online or offline is always true. The scammers in the case of the Bitcoin Revolutionary Program are trying to play with the mindset of gullible South Africans who would trust the program blindly once they hear that Trevor Noah has invested his money too.

The internet is full of reviews of people who have invested money in this program and have lost their hard-earned money. It is a get-rich-quick scheme that takes advantage of the aspirations, dreams, and vulnerability of common people. The program aims to hit the people’s weak spot by showing them dreams and making them visualize how a small deposit into their program can make them millionaires in no time. The system asks the people to sign-up and deposit $250. They will then soon start making money through its advanced system based on some Bitcoin trading algorithms. In other words, it is a hoax, and as far as Trevor Noah is concerned, he is happy doing his Daily Show and has nothing to do with this program whatsoever.

Coinbase Wallet Users Targeted By New Android Malware

A recently identified Trojan, the Alien, is an assault on Android applications like Coinbase,, and Luno. This latest malware strain is based on the infamous Cerberus Trojan that has created havoc in the Google Play Store (NASDAQ: GOOGL) before the team in charge is secured. The lack of continuous delivery made it possible for Google Play Safe to remove Cerberus almost entirely by August 2020.

It was clear from the outset that malware coders were involved with considerable experience, as TrickBot was the malware strain with many sophisticated features right from start to finish.

Over time, TrickBot ‘s capacity to hit online banks has spread from one country to Australia every month.

Alien is based on 226 Android users, primarily for banking. As well as stolen user credentials, malware will install and uninstall apps and even intercept alerts from the infected device:

Coinbase and are two of the famous crypto applications. Their preference is understandable. It is less apparent why the hackers were targeting a much smaller Luno exchange (recently taken over by the Digital Currency Group). Even other giants such as Binance have been ignored (as far as we know). The main reason behind this step is unknown and considered as a big threat in the future.

The allegedly created “Automatic Transfer Mechanisms,” developed by malware developers to speed up and scale theft by activating auto-fills of payment fields for legal Android apps to malicious re-route hackers’ transfers, can be troublesome.

The program is intended to release a host of “internet fakes” that resemble legit applications for consumers’ confidential details — targeting clients with as many as 32 different crypto apps in particular. The malware is used to automate counterfeits’ uploading and cause auto-fills transactions through means of push alerts using valid icons.

Reported to be first held in April 2018 at hacker forums, Group IB found that Gustaf was planned to service foreign corporations, particularly outside Russia, by a Russian-speaker cybercriminal “Best offer.”

Community IB urges Android users to download applications from Google Play Store exclusively and keep an eye on file extensions downloaded.

As reported in February, the decentralized MetaMask software was recently removed from Google Play following a backdoor impersonation by researchers to steal device cryptography.

With the Accessibility Service mechanism, the tropics will circumvent Google’s security policies adopted in recent Android OS models. Also, Gustuff knows how to detach Google Defense, which is 70% usable, according to the Trojan creator.

The update of August was as juicy as the two months before. TrickBot has a section on the setup of its sampling files, which advises the user to overlay a false login page if the user goes to in his browser, according to samples found by Forcepoint security researchers.

Coinbase is one of the leading web-based wallet providers today. With the price of Bitcoin rising past $5,000 on Friday for a couple of minutes and since then only $4,500, rewards for stealing the credentials of a Coinbase are simple, as Bitcoin or other crypto-monthly funds can be moved to themselves from stolen Coinbase account.