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Hong Kong Authorities Have Arrested Three Bitcoin ATM Thieves Who Robbed Around 30,000 USD

In recent times, officials took 3 men in custody as they were accused of stealing $226000 in “Hong Kong Dollars” from Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs.

The Specific Details on The Theft

The group of three men whose age range is from 26 to 55, has reportedly robbed from six respective BTC ATM machines to grab hold of the Hong Kong dollars that is equivalent to 30000 USD approximately. This was published in the “South-China Morning Post” on the 15th of August. They carried out around 11 transactions in order to take out that much money. The “South-China Morning Post” news also said that the arrested scammers make up a portion of a bigger villain operation.

Other Information Revealed by Wilson Tam to South-China Morning Post

Reports have also revealed that two individual crypto exchanges tipped officials off to the devilish works before the authorities arrested the culprits. The superintendent of the cybersecurity and technology crime bureau of Hong Kong Wilson Tam did not really reveal the exact way how the theft was done by those three.

However, the cybersecurity and technology crime bureau mentioned two ATMs that were harmed during this event along with the tips and tricks on high-quality powerful security measures.

Wilson Tam Says that This is A Big Mishap to Occur

The “South-China Morning Post” published a statement given by the superintendent that it was the very first time they came face to face with such a scam that is straight-up attached with the bitcoin (BTC)  ATMs. Reports reveal that in June 2020 the total count of the BTC ATM machines reached 8000 all across the globe.

Why so? This is just because Bitcoin has become much more prominent and mainstream and is still continuing to do so and thus it has been gaining much fame every day since the time it stepped out in the economy. This is also a very big reason why Bitcoin ATMs, or Bitcoins alone, are becoming a much easily reachable target for the scammers and robbers out there.

So, that was all you needed to know regarding the 30000 USD theft from 6 different BTC ATMs with 11 transactions. This is really something big and awful to occur in the crypto world. The security systems should be made much sturdier to avoid such mishaps and to help in the growth of Crypto.